Opening black sarcophagus in Egypt only on social media fun

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Yes, that was a bit disappointing this week. A mysterious sarcophagus was found a few weeks ago in Alexandria, Egypt. The black granite thing was huge and looked impressive. Then you can wait for the jokes about mummy curses and the end of the world to follow quickly and that was true. Breathing was awaited for the opening of the thing and this week it was time: the sarcophagus was opened by experts.

Is a smell on

The content was a bit disappointing. Apart from the unrealistic expectations of pests, curses and treasures, there was a hope that this sarcophagus would contain the remains of Alexander the Great. That chance is small, because after the opening it appeared that only three skeletons were floating in an unbearably stinking brown gunk. The experts assume that this is sewage water, as a result of which the corpses are far from conserved after the presumed embalming.

Furthermore nothing was found about interesting articles in the grave. Apart from the bones of the three persons in the grave (presumably soldiers in the time of ancient Egypt), nothing remains, so further research will probably not yield much on an estimate of the age of the ‘mummies’ after that. Fat bales so, especially because there is also nothing supernatural happened since the opening. Fortunately, Twitter always has something to do with it and the reactions to the disappointing opening are more fun than the opening itself.

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