OpenAI summons student to stop GitHub repo GPT4Free

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ChatGPT maker OpenAI has ordered a European student to stop his project GPT4Free. That repo makes it possible to use GPT-4 through third-party sites without paying OpenAI for a subscription.

The student has no intention the repos take yourself offline, reports Tom’s Hardware. He thinks OpenAI should make the request to GitHub instead of him. In addition, he does not access OpenAI’s API directly, but through third-party sites such as and As a result, the repo is not in violation, he believes.

Those third-party sites pay for a subscription with OpenAI and can therefore use GPT-4. That language model is not yet officially available in a free version. The repo received several tens of thousands of stars on GitHub in recent weeks and has therefore been gaining popularity for some time.

OpenAI gave the student five days to take the repo offline and then threatened legal action. The company has not commented on the request. The deadline ends later this week.

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