Onyx Boox introduces portable E-Ink display with 2K resolution

Onyx Boox introduces the Mira, a portable monitor with an electronic paper screen and a 13.3 inch screen diagonal. The Chinese company comes with a Pro version, which has a stand that is very similar to that of an Apple Pro Display XDR.

Onyx Boox already has a 13.3 “e-reader in its range with the Max Lumi, but the company presents the Mira as an external touchscreen monitor. The device weighs 590 grams, is 5.8 mm thick and has a resolution of 2200×1650 pixels. The E-Ink panel used is of the Mobius type Onyx uses screen technology called Aragonite according to the French Clubic that is said to have a refresh rate comparable to that of LCD The site reports that this is to be taken with a grain of salt the ghosting that electronic paper has to contend with The Mira has mini HDMI and two USB-C ports.

For now, the monitor has only been announced for the Chinese market. On an image that E Reader Channel publishes is a price of 4699 Chinese yuan, vice versa and with VAT that is 730 euros. E Reader Channel also publishes images from the Mira Pro. This is a version with a stand whose design is very similar to that of the Apple Pro Display XDR. That model has a price of 8999 yuan, converted about 1400 euros. It is not yet clear what makes the Pro version even more different from the regular Mira, apart from the standard.