OnePlus wants to provide future smartphones with fast wireless charging

OnePlus wants to provide smartphones that have yet to be released with fast wireless charging. That is what the director says in an interview with his own employee. At the moment, no model of OnePlus supports wireless charging, while other smartphones can.

Director Pete Lau says in the interview with an employee on its own forum that OnePlus wants to put fast wireless charging ‘without compromises’ in its devices. Lau says the manufacturer is testing wireless charging systems, but the solution isn’t fast and easy enough. “In addition, this technology still requires the device to be thicker and warmer while charging.”

Several manufacturers are quickly offering wireless charging as a feature in smartphones. Charging is then done with a maximum of 15W. That’s slightly less than OnePlus’ fast wired charging technology, which currently goes at 20W.

Wireless charging was also impossible for OnePlus with previous generations of its smartphones, because they have a metal back. The manufacturer’s most recent smartphone, the OnePlus 6, does have a glass back, but does not support wireless charging.

The OnePlus 6 in two versions, both with a glass back