OnePlus TV Q1 will be released in India on Saturday for 900 euros

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The first TVs from OnePlus, the TV Q1 and Q1 Pro, will be released in India on Saturday. That has been announced by the manufacturer. The cheapest version will cost 69,900 rupees, which is currently about 900 euros.

Both TVs have a 55″ LCD with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, according to the specs page. It is a Samsung QLED screen. Sound comes from speakers with a power of 50W. The televisions run on a modified version of Android TV. with its own skin from OnePlus.

It adds, among other things, OxygenPlay, a way to search and play video content from various sources at the same time. It is also possible to use a telephone as input via a touchpad on the screen. In addition, the TV automatically lowers the volume when it has received notification from the telephone that the user is receiving a call.

The difference between the regular and the Pro version is the number of speakers and their design. The Pro version has a sliding soundbar that slides out from under the TV during use. In the regular version, there are four versions that are stuck.

OnePlus will only release the TV in India for now, with prices of 69,900 rupees for the regular version and 99,900 rupees for the Pro version. That is converted currently about 1290 euros. It is unknown if and when the TVs will be released in other countries.

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