OnePlus shows OP5 in commercial during Indian cricket match

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has shown the OnePlus 5 in its entirety in a commercial during the broadcast of a cricket match in India. The manufacturer presents the phone in its entirety on Tuesday.

The commercial came on TV during the ICC Champions Trophy cricket match, according to images that Android Central has put online. The images are behind a commercial that serves as a teaser for the phone and that the manufacturer had already put online.

The images show that, as with its previous devices, OnePlus has once again placed a large button under the screen with the 5. Market leader Samsung just removed the button from under the screen. The commercial shows the phone in a dark color scheme and the slogan puts the focus on the dual camera on the back. It is the first time that OnePlus shows the design of the Android smartphone in its entirety.

The announcement of the device will follow on Tuesday. OnePlus previously said that the phone will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-soc. The commercial mentions a June 22 release date in India. OnePlus does not mention any other details in the commercial.