OnePlus 6T does not get a 3.5mm jack

The OnePlus 6T does not get a 3.5mm jack, according to co-founder Carl Pei in an interview. According to Pei, the omission of the connection for space means ‘more new technology’ and a ‘better battery life’.

Carl Pei makes the statements in a interview with TechRadar . He does not name the OnePlus 6T by name, but speaks of the next OnePlus device. It is already known that this will become the OnePlus 6T. Pei says in the interview that the omission of the 3.5 mm connection makes room for ‘new technology’, but what that is, he does not mention. Possibly the CEO is referring to the fingerprint scanner behind the screen . He also makes no statements about the battery capacity, although he indicates that the battery life will be noticeably better with the new device.

The OnePlus CEO admits that the omission of the 3.5 mm jack is a controversial decision. He states that it is now ‘the right moment’; according to research by the brand, 59 percent of the ‘OnePlus community’ already has a wireless headset. Pei expects this percentage to be higher now, because the research was conducted for the introduction of the Bullets Wireless. These wireless earphones were announced in May together with the OnePlus 6.

OnePlus will deliver the new device, including an adapter from usb-c to 3.5mm. Earbuds probably does not deliver the manufacturer, that does not happen with current devices. However, Pei says that OnePlus will make a Bullets headset with wire, which is equipped with a USB-c connection.

In recent years, OnePlus has used the presence of the 3.5 mm jack in its marketing. For the 5T the brand considered leaving the 3.5mm jack and placing a second USB-c-connector, but that did not happen in the end.

OnePlus is part of the Chinese manufacturer BBK , where Oppo also belongs. Previous OnePlus devices were derived from the R-models of Oppo. The expectation is that the next 6T is in many ways the same as the Oppo R17 or the R17 Pro . Also those devices do not have a 3.5 mm connection. The announcement of the OnePlus 6T probably takes place in October

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