On Snapchat you can now delete chats

Snapchat announces a new option: ‘Clear Chats’. This allows you to delete a message that you have already sent to someone. Messages that you have sent to a group can also be deleted. Not only text can be removed, but also photos, videos, audio and stickers. If you have deleted a message, the recipient will be notified that a message has been deleted. To delete a message, press it for a long time and click on ‘delete’.

Note: this feature is only available for chat, not for direct snaps. So if you take a picture via Snapchat and you send it to one or more people, you can not remove it. Photos that you send from ‘memories’ can be removed. In the coming weeks, this feature will be available to users around the world.

On Whatsapp messages could also be removed recently. Removing chats may save a lot of quarrels. If you walk out of the cafe on a Saturday night and you send a declaration of love to your former boyfriend or girlfriend ‘accidentally’, this option comes out well. On the other hand, someone who has received a “this message removed” message will still check what was there. Because curiosity is in the human nature.

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