Office 365 Home and Personal can be installed on an unlimited number of systems

Microsoft is adjusting its subscriptions for Office 365 Home and Personal. The limit on the number of installations on different systems will be removed and the number of users per Home subscription will be increased to six.

The expansion to an unlimited number of installations for Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal will take effect on October 2. Users can then be logged in with their account on five installations at a time. Until now, the number of installations for Home was limited to ten devices, including PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, and for Personal on one installation on a PC or Mac and one on a tablet.

Microsoft is expanding the Home subscription from five to six licenses. This change will also take effect on October 2. With this, 6TB OneDrive storage is now automatically part of the Home subscription, because that remains 1TB per user.

Existing users do not need to do anything for the extension. Microsoft also enables the management of Office 365 subscriptions on the Microsoft account page. Users can sign out of devices here, share subscriptions to Office 365 Home, and access storage in OneDrive.