Intel says it will still support VESA Adaptive-Sync

Intel has reiterated that support for VESA’s Adaptive-Sync is in the pipeline, three years after the initial announcement that support is imminent. The company is not giving any further details.

Confirmation that support for VESA’s Adaptive-Sync is still on the way comes from Chris Hook. He has been Intel’s Head of Discrete Graphics and Visual Technologies Marketing since April. He previously worked as a marketing executive at AMD. A Reddit user asked Hook about it and then posted the confirmation online with permission.

Hook gives no further details, only that he is a big fan of Adaptive-Sync. The technology is based on AMD’s FreeSync standard, which drives monitors at a variable refresh rate to prevent tearing and stuttering. VESA has included FreeSync under the name Adaptive-Sync in the displayport 1.2a standard.

As early as 2015, Intel announced to Tech Report that it would support Adaptive-Sync. It is not known why it takes so long and when the support can be expected. The support would be a big push in the back of the stand. Nvidia has its own technology in the form of G-Sync, although it recently managed to get FreeSync working with a GeForce GTX card.