Oculus Rift S is the most used VR headset on Steam for the first time

The Oculus Rift S is now the most used VR headset on Steam. This is according to the Hardware Survey of the game service. According to the service, about 1 percent of users use a VR headset for gaming.

The Oculus Rift S came out last year and about 27 percent of VR users on Steam own a Rift S, but the original Rift still has a decent share at 15 percent. The original HTC Vive is still in the middle of the Steam Hardware Survey with just under 27 percent. Valve’s proprietary Index headset comes in at about 11 percent.

Until now, Steam showed VR headsets as a percentage of the total number of devices on Steam, but as of this month, VR headsets is a category of its own. This makes it easier to see the share of lesser-known headsets, such as the Pimax 5K Plus and the DK2 of the Oculus Rift. Assuming that Steam has around 90 million monthly users, the number of VR users is around 900,000.

These numbers only concern Steam usage and not VR headset ownership in general. In the Steam Hardware Survey, Chinese is the most popular system language for the first time. That has been English until now. Chinese is set as the system language on 33 percent of the computers on Steam, with English it is 32 percent.