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Nvidia will not release a new GPU architecture this year

Nvidia will not bring any new GPU architecture this year. This turns out to be a roadmap that the company showed during GTC. The company will come with a new GPU architecture next year, although it is not yet known whether new GeForce GPUs will appear in 2022.

During its GTC 2021 keynote, Nvidia announced that its data center roadmap now has a ‘two-year rhythm’, divided over three types of chips: CPUs, GPUs and DPUs . The company wants to focus on x86 platforms one year, then focus on Arm the next, with the occasional kicker in between, according to Nvidia. With this roadmap, the chip manufacturer comes up with at least one new product every year.

Next year, Nvidia will come up with a new GPU architecture, which it still calls ‘Ampere Next’. Nvidia has not yet announced the actual name of its upcoming architecture, although it is rumored to be called Lovelace. Nvidia typically releases its new architectures to data centers first, only to release them to consumers at a later date. It is therefore not yet clear whether gamers can expect a new GeForce video card next year.

Furthermore, Nvidia shows its CPU roadmap. It starts with its Grace CPU, which the company announced earlier today . The company equips this processor, which is exclusively intended for data centers and high-performance computing , with the next generation of Arm Neoverse cores. The Grace CPU should be available in 2023. The next generation would follow in 2025, still known as Grace Next.

The company is also announcing that its BlueField-3 data processing unit will be available from 2022. These chips are intended for accelerating data center infrastructure and has, among other things, an integrated network interface that supports speeds of up to 400Gbit / s. Two years later, a successor will follow, in the form of a BlueField-4-dpu.

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