‘Nvidia RTX 50 series supports DisplayPort 2.1 and is built on 3nm’

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Nvidia’s RTX 50 video cards will support DisplayPort 2.1. This is reported by a well-known leaker. The new series of video cards will also be built on a 3nm process from TSMC.

The well-known Nvidia leaker kopite7kimi received a message on X asking if there was more information about the processor node of the RTX 50 series. Kopite7kimi then wrote that the RTX50 cards would be produced on a 3nm process from TSMC, but did not indicate which specific process it concerns. Another user asked the leaker if DisplayPort 2.1 will be supported and it was according to kopite7kimi the case. However, the leaker did not provide more details.

Earlier this year, rumors circulated that the RTX 50 cards will use GDDR7 memory, just like AMD’s upcoming AMD Radeon RX 8000 GPUs. Thanks to this memory, the video cards would offer memory bandwidths of 36Gbit/s per pin, which with a 256bit memory bus amounts to 1.15TB/s.

According to rumors, Nvidia would like to introduce its RTX 50 series next year. There is no exact release date yet. The RTX 30 and RTX 40 series were announced in late 2020 and 2022, but it is unknown if Nvidia will maintain a similar release schedule for its upcoming GPUs. Nvidia will hold a CES presentation in January, possibly before the release of RTX 40 Super video cards.

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