Nvidia Introduces GeForce MX150 for Laptops

Nvidia has officially announced the GeForce MX150 for laptops. Last week, HP already presented a laptop with the video card. According to Nvidia, Acer, Asus, Clevo and MSI are also coming with laptops that use the economical Pascal GPU.

In its announcement, Nvidia does not provide technical details about the MX150 GPU. The manufacturer only says that it is a GPU of the Pascal generation and claims that the performance is 2.5 to 4 times better than that of the Intel HD620 GPU integrated in laptop processors of the Kaby Lake generation.

There are no specific specifications on the product page of the MX150 either. Nvidia reports that OEMs can make adjustments and that the configuration can differ per laptop. It is not clear whether it is only about the amount of gddr5 or whether there are actually different MX150 GPUs, with a different number of cudacores.

Earlier this week it appeared that the MX150 is based on the same GP108 GPU as the GT 1030 video card. The separate video card has a GP108-300 GPU with 384 cudacores, a 64-bit memory bus and 2GB gddr5. The TDP of the video card is 30 watts.

Nvidia says the GeForce MX150 will be found in laptops from Acer, Asus, Clevo, HP and MSI starting in June. So far, only HP has announced a laptop with the video card. The other manufacturers may show their laptops with the economical GPU at the Computex fair that starts next week in Taiwan.