Number of apps on Apple's app store has decreased for the first time

The beginning of the end? Not at all. The number of apps in Apple’s App Store may have decreased for the first time but that is mainly due to the fact that Apple is cleaning up. There are hundreds of thousands of apps removed that no longer comply with the rules.

Especially apps that cloned existing things and spam apps had to pay for it. In addition, the switch from 32 bits to 64 bit apps was reason to remove a lot of old apps. They no longer work in iOS11 and since the majority of Apple customers are upgrading from iOS, they are no longer worth keeping.

Android overcrowded

If you look at the graph in the graph about the difference between the App Store and Google’s Play Store, you can see that the latter is running out of numbers. The growth of 30 percent seems fantastic, but realize that it means that all the rubbish that is rejected by Apple will just end up on the Play Store.

It is also true that many apps first appear on the App Store and later on the Play Store, so Google often shows a growth after Apple has had it first. Eventually, there are twice as many iPhone apps to Android as vice versa. It remains very careful in the Play Store.


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