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Announcements and other innovations make Alexa better and better

“Alexa, call for food to be ready”. Amazon is working hard to make Alexa the smart assistant with constant updates in the functionality of the Echo devices . In the last few weeks, for example, there was a short mode that only gives a ping when your command is understood, a follow-up mode that lets you ask several questions in a row and yesterday they announced that you will soon see “Alexa, good morning “and then a playlist is automatically started.

The latter is something new HomePod owners really want to see from Apple, but that does not (yet) work. Maybe it’s all going a bit faster now with the just hijacked chef AI from Google but Amazon continues to lie ahead, even on the normally not slow Google.
The newest addition is a nice one: you can now ask Alexa to pass on something to the other Echos in the house. For example, you can report that the food is ready, that it is time to go, or whatever you want to say without shouting at the bottom of the stairs. It’s a kind of intercom, but more the kind of intercom you have at a station. Can you also enjoy that fantasy right away?
Now you could already talk back and forth with different Echoes, especially if you have the new versions with a screen . Alexa Calling, Messaging and Drop In (a real intercom) let you talk to each other in different ways and this broadcast function makes it even easier to not have to move to communicate. So ideal, but we have to wait a little longer. The new functionality did not yet work on both a European (International) Echo and a VK version. When it will roll out outside the US and Canada Amazon has not said.

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