“Nintendo wants to produce more Switch consoles in 2023 than in the previous year”

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Nintendo would plan to produce more Switch consoles in fiscal year 2023 than in 2022. Bloomberg writes this based on anonymous sources. Nintendo would plan to sell about 21 million consoles.

The 2022 fiscal year will only be closed for Nintendo in March, but the Japanese game manufacturer is expected to ship around 19 million consoles. So Nintendo is reportedly planning to increase Switch production by two million in the upcoming fiscal year. Bloomberg states that increasing production of the console is an “unexpected measure” because the Switch has been around for six years now. Nevertheless, according to the sources that the site has spoken to, Nintendo would expect that there is still a lot of demand for the device. The company also reportedly expects to suffer less from production problems, now that the chip shortages are slowly ebbing away.

However, market analysts expect declining demand, Bloomberg claims. An analyst told the site that consumers are waiting for Nintendo’s next console and are therefore less likely to purchase the ‘old’ system.

Currently, the Switch is the second best-selling home console ever. The PlayStation 2 is at the top with about 155 million units sold. If Nintendo does indeed sell 21 million consoles this fiscal year, the counter probably stands at about 140 million Switch systems.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model)

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