Nintendo removes Mario Maker 2 level from well-known level builder again

Nintendo has removed another Mario Maker 2 level from level builder David Hunt. This time it’s about Tech Talk: New n Old Item Tricks. It is now the third time that Nintendo has taken a Hunt creation offline. Again, the company does not give a clear reason for this.

In a YouTube video, level maker and Mario speedrunner David Hunt said he was “completely flabbergasted” by Nintendo’s decision to remove his new creation “Tech Talk: New n Old Item Tricks” from the server. “I really don’t know what else I can do to prevent this in the future: there are no glitches or other weird things in the level, and the word ‘Poo’ is nowhere in it at all.”

Hunt is referring to his level ‘Pile of Poo: Kai-Zero G’ which was removed by Nintendo in mid-July. The company did so, just like this time, without giving a clear reason. Hunt suspected at the time that Nintendo had fallen over the word ‘poo’. According to Hunt, however, it was a reference to the eponymous character from Nintendo’s own game EarthBound. It was probably also a nod to Grand POObear, the alias Hunt uses on his YouTube channel with over 217,000 subscribers.

For Hunt, it is now the third time that Nintendo has taken one of its levels offline. It first happened three years ago, with some levels he developed for Super Mario Maker. “At this point, I don’t think it’s funny anymore, it’s pathetic. It’s just a tech level to teach Kaizo beginners tricks!” Hunt continues in his YouTube video. Still, he doesn’t want to go so far as to say that Nintendo is after him, because ‘that would be really stupid of them’.

Hunt advises fans of his work to play his brand new levels immediately when they appear online: “After all, they could be gone a day later”. Finally, Grand POObear is disappointed that he has lost 1400 of his Maker Points plus a number of virtual medals due to this measure by Nintendo.

Nintendo’s rules of conduct for building Mario Maker 2 levels lists several reasons why a level may be deleted. For example, the levels may not abuse bugs and contain inappropriate content or advertisements.