Nintendo: no Switch model other than OLED version coming

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Nintendo says there are currently no plans for a new version of the Switch console, other than the OLED version that will be released in October. Nintendo also denies that the profit margin on that model is higher.

Nintendo Japan does the two statements on Twitter on his account which is aimed at investors. It is unusual for Nintendo to speak out openly about media rumors and stories. First, the company says that a Japan Time articlestating that the OLED version of the Switch is more profitable than the LCD model, is incorrect.

According to analysts cited in the article, the production costs of the OLED version are $ 10 higher, while the suggested retail price of the OLED model is $ 50 higher. Nintendo does not comment on the figures, but says it wants to make it clear to investors and customers that it is not true that the company makes more profit on the OLED version.

In addition, Nintendo also emphasizes that no other model of the Switch is planned, apart from the OLED version that will be released in October. Before the announcement, rumors circulated for a long time about a version with improved hardware to be able to upscale images to a 4k resolution. Nintendo says it has “no plans at this time” to release another model.

Nintendo Switch with OLED screen

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