Nintendo: No Nintendo Switch Price Increases Planned

Nintendo has no plans to increase the price of the Switch for the time being. The company confirmed this to Eurogamer. So Nintendo is not following the example of Sony that previously announced that the PS5 will be more expensive due to inflation and rising production costs.

“We currently have no plans to adjust the price of our hardware due to rising inflation and rising procurement costs,” Nintendo said in a statement. to Eurogamer. The Japanese company says it will continue to follow its pricing policy. Nintendo also notes that it is the retailers who determine the final price of the hardware. The company only gives a suggested retail price.

The Japanese game company’s response comes after Sony raised the suggested retail prices for the PlayStation 5 earlier in August. Instead of 400 and 500 euros, the two variants of the PS5 console now cost 450 and 550 euros. Sony states that a price increase was necessary because, among other things, increased inflation pushed costs further up. The PlayStation 5 price increase applies to the European, Asian, South American and Canadian markets, but the suggested retail price remains the same in the United States.

Microsoft has also responded to the PlayStation 5 price increase. The company suggested to Eurogamer that prices for the Xbox Series -S and -X will remain the same for the time being. However, the company did not make any statements about the near future.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) Blue, Red