Niantic ends support for Apple Watch in Pokémon Go

Game maker Niantic has ended support for the Apple Watch in Pokémon Go on July 1. The studio no longer wants players to divide their attention between two devices.

Some of the functionalities that the Apple Watch had in the game have been transferred to the so-called Adventure Sync function. This consists of retrieving fitness tracking data from Google Fit and Apple Health. This counts towards earning buddy candies and incubating eggs. The more activity logged in the apps, the more progress. The advantage of this is that the Pokémon Go app does not have to be constantly open and thus uses the battery charge.

Pokémon Go got support for the Apple Watch in December of 2016. The functionality was even announced with some fanfare at an Apple event several months before. 1 in 3 respondents of a poll from Pokemon Go Hub says they will miss the added value of the Apple Watch app.