How To Fix ‘The Media Could Not be Loaded’ Error In Google Chrome

Error message in chrome browser”The media could not be loaded,  can occur due to server or the network failed or due to format is not supported.”? Here are some tips to resolve this error.

1 Update your web browser

Outdated web browser invites many bugs and errors. Many Windows users have the error message “The media cannot be loaded” solved by updating the web browser. In fact, updating the web browser can solve almost all browser-related problems and provide a better browsing experience. So go to Settings> Help> About Google Chrome. Wait for Google Chrome to check for browser updates.

2 Disable Adblocker from the Web Page

Well, video players and video hosts from all over the world now use this technique to encourage visitors to disable Adblocking software or extension. Webmasters give the error message “The media cannot be loaded” again if it detects the adblocker extension or software. So if that was the case, the problem can be solved by disabling the Adblocking software or extension. If you want to disable Adblock on a specific website, follow some simple steps below.

  • Open the web page where you get the error message.
  • Click on the adblocker extension.
  • Click on & “Do not execute on this page”

That’s all, you’re done!

3 Clear the cache and cookies

Outdated cache and cookies often trigger a lot error messages, including “The media could not be loaded because the format is not supported”. So you can try clearing the cache and cookies to solve the problem. Many users on the Microsoft forum have claimed that this error message has been solved by removing the old cache and cookies from the web browser.

Go to Settings> Advanced options. Now go down with the advanced options and click on “Clear browsing data”. Select the cache and cookies in the list, and then click “Clear browsing data”. Once you are done, restart your browser.

4 Try a different browser

If the problem appears even after clearing the cache and cookies, you should try different browser try. The message “The media could not be loaded because the format is not supported” would affect all internet browsers, but it usually only relates to one specific web browser for one victim of this problem. So if the medium failed to load because the format is not supported error message while playing video, you could try another browser.

These are the four ways to solve the problem “The media could not be loaded because the server or network failed or the format was not supported” error message. If you know of another method to resolve this error, please let us know in the comments field below.