Next Battlefield game will be released for current and previous generation consoles

EA confirms that the next Battlefield game will be released on both the new consoles and the previous generation. The game will be released in the fourth quarter and will be officially announced next month.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirms the arrival of the new Battlefield games to both generations of consoles when discussing the quarterly figures. A report of this can be found with Seeking Alpha . He says that in response to the question of whether the next Battlefield game will only be available for the new consoles. Earlier comments from EA would indicate this, according to some. For example, EA wrote that the game would offer a ‘definitive next-gen experience’.

According to Wilson, that wording referred to innovations in gameplay, physics and artificial intelligence. This applies to both the new consoles and those of the previous generation, according to the CEO. He emphasizes that EA’s upcoming sports games will also be available for both generations of consoles.

EA states that the game will run well on both console generations, but is ‘even more spectacular’ on the new consoles. In April, EA announced that four studios are working on Battlefield . That is more than with previous parts. According to the publisher, the game is getting ‘ all-out warfare on an epic scale’, with more players than ever before and ‘unexpected moments’ and ‘ game-changing destruction’.

Images appeared in early May that would show concepts from the new Battlefield game , but EA has not officially released anything about Battlefield 6 yet. It is also not clear whether that will be the title. The reveal of the new Battlefield game will take place next month and EA will release more information over the summer.

EA Play event on July 22

EA will probably show more information about Battlefield during its own EA Play event. That event kicks off this year on July 22. That is later than usual because in previous years EA held its Play event around the E3 game fair in June. This fair will be digital this year from 12 to 15 June.