Signify gives all Philips Hue devices support for Matter standard

Signify will support the announced Matter standard through an update of the Philips Hue Bridge. WiZ devices also receive Matter support.

When the Matter update will appear reports Signify not. The company writes that it will become available worldwide “ soon ” after the introduction of Matter. The manufacturer also says that the update will make it easier for Hue devices to connect to other smart home devices. The update will not affect previous settings.

Further Signify promises that WiZ devices released from September 2021 will also receive a Matter update. Signify does not report anything about older devices. Signify previously released a motion sensor and smart socket under the WiZ name.

Matter is the new name of Project CHIP and is a universal IP-based protocol. Signify is one of Matter’s co-developers and expects the standard to be officially introduced in the last quarter of 2021. Then the first devices should also appear. In total, 180 organizations are affiliated with the standard.