New update for Elden Ring makes one of the bosses harder again

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FromSoftware rolled out a small patch for Elden Ring on Monday, which should make the boss Starscourge Radahn more difficult again. The enemy’s attacks were inadvertently weakened by a bug in an earlier patch.

Scaling up the difficulty of Starscourge Radahn is all the patch consists of, according to the patch notes.

Due to a bug in patch 1.03, which appeared on March 17, Starscourge Radahn dealt less damage when the player was hit by his attack. Several players complained about this, as Starscourge Radahn was one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring for patch 1.03. Defeating strong, unpredictable enemies is an important part of the game for many players.

Elden Ring was released on February 25 on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It was developed by the same studio that created the Dark Souls games, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Bloodborne. Within a month of the release of Elden Ring, 12 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide.

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