New League of Legends champion fires plasma at opponents

Riot Games has introduced a new champion named Kai’Sa. She has managed to survive the scary ‘nightmare dimension’ called The Void and its predators by becoming a fighter herself and can, among other things, target enemies from a distance with plasma.

Kai’Sa is known as an adc or ‘marksman’ and therefore relies on shooting enemies from a distance. In The Void, she was able to survive by becoming a fighter herself, where she is able to upgrade her abilities to enhanced versions through a so-called ‘symbiotic second skin’.

Every time she fires at opponents, they also endure plasma, causing Kai’Sa to deal more damage with each shot. After several shots, the plasma explodes for extra damage. She can also target enemies with a barrage of missiles. This barrage gets even bigger with certain items that increase her damage.

To track down enemies, she can fire a beam of Void energy that can reveal the presence of opponents from quite a distance. The beam immediately inflicts damage and plasma and under certain circumstances this beam causes extra damage.

Once Kai’Sa has tracked down an enemy, her ultimate ability, called Killer Instinct, can quickly bridge the distance to her plasma-marked target and gain a hefty shield for defense. She can also temporarily increase her movement speed and shoot faster, possibly also briefly becoming invisible.

Kai’Sa becomes available to be tested in the public test room. Soon the champion will be officially available to everyone, probably with the introduction of one of the next periodic patches.