New Kindle Paperwhite with adjustable color temperature appeared on Amazon

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There were temporary details about an unannounced Kindle Paperwhite model on the Canadian and Mexican Amazon websites. This e-reader would, among other things, have a screen with adjustable color temperature. The product pages have since been taken offline.

The 2021 release of the Kindle Paperwhite will include a e-ink screen with a 6.8″ diagonal and 17 LEDs, Reddit users and GoodEreader noted. This makes the display larger than the previous Paperwhite, which has a 6″ display with 5 LEDs. The new variant also has the option of adjusting the color temperature of the screen. That feature was missing in the most recent Paperwhite from 2019. The storage capacity of 8GB and the IPX8 certification for water resistance remain unchanged.

The Amazon websites also showed details about a higher-ranking Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. That version will have the same 6.8 “screen as the regular Paperwhite 2021, but will include 32GB of storage. The Signature Edition also gets light sensors with which the screen brightness can be adjusted automatically and Amazon also talks about support for wireless charging.

Prices of the new Paperwhite and the Signature Edition were also shown on the Canadian Amazon website. The regular Paperwhite costs 150 Canadian dollars and the Signature Edition costs 210 Canadian dollars, which translates to 100 and 140 euros respectively. The European suggested retail prices are not yet known. It is also not yet known when Amazon will officially release the e-readers. The company is holding a private hardware event on Tuesday, September 28, The Verge writes.

The Kindle Paperwhite (2021) and Paperwhite Signature Edition. Image via GoodEreader

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