New generation Apple Watch announced

The fifth series Apple Watch has been announced. The smartwatch will have a retina display that is always on and will do the entire day on one charge. The screen is designed so that you do not have to change your wrist position to view it.


There is a compass in the watch, so you can see which way you are heading in the Maps app. There is also a Night Sky option, which you can use to see stars based on the compass. You no longer need to have your iPhone with you to call an emergency number, because this can be done at the touch of a button via the Apple Watch.

This new generation is provided with even more external possibilities than before in an Apple Watch. The aluminum variant is available in silver, gold and space gray and is made from 100 percent recycled aluminum. The stainless steel variant comes in gold, space black and a pink color called polished. For the first time, the Watch now also comes in titanium and ceramic white.

Nike and Hermes

There are also Apple Watch Nike models with their own watchfaces and straps. The same applies to Hermes, recognizable by the classic Hermes pattern or – for the first time – black leather.

You can swim with the new Watch and measure your heart rate. The suggested retail price is $ 399. Cellular models are $ 499. September 20 they will be available in the Apple Store.

Medical research

Apple has created a new Research app that allows people to participate in medical studies with their Apple Watch. It only concerns American users. The research revolves around heart and movement, the cycle of women and hearing.


— this article is still being updated —