New AirPods 3 are coming – probably tomorrow

The biggest Apple event of the year kicks off tomorrow night at 7pm, with the iPhone 13 in the lead, of course. But Apple is going to announce even more new products. the very reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo knows for sure: the new AirPods 3 are also on the program tomorrow.

AirPods 3 announcement during September event

The theme of the keynote – California Streaming – already reveals that we can expect ‘something with music’ tomorrow. According to Kuo, it is time for the third generation of the regular AirPods. The arrival of the AirPods 3 is no longer a surprise, but Kuo manages to add something new: the current second-generation AirPods will remain for sale, for consumers who like the old design better.

Kuo outlines two scenarios for AirPods pricing:

  • The price of the AirPods 2 remains the same. The new AirPods 3 are more expensive than the AirPods 2.
  • The AirPods 3 will get the price of the current AirPods 2. The AirPods 2 will be cheaper.

At the moment, regular AirPods cost €179 (with standard charging case) or €229 (with wireless charging case). Except for the charging case, there are no differences.

What’s new?

The third generation AirPods resemble the more advanced AirPods Pro in design, so the stems are slightly shorter. It is not yet certain whether the AirPods 3 will also get interchangeable silicone eartips. The earbuds get Spatial audio, and the bass and bass become a little firmer. The battery in the case will also be a lot bigger, so you can charge the AirPods more often. The case also gets a different design.

Tomorrow we will hear more about the new AirPods: at 19.00 you can watch the Apple event live. The leading role is reserved for the new iPhone 13 and we also expect a new Apple Watch Series 7.

Source: MacRumors.