Netflix releases Play Something shuffle feature for Android users

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Netflix releases its Play Something feature for Android. It allows users to play any movie or series at the touch of a button. The feature became available earlier this year on its apps for smart televisions and media boxes.

When Netflix released the Play Something feature for its TV apps earlier this year, the company said it would be testing the Android version of the streaming service, but the feature wasn’t available to all Android users at the time. The feature was made available on Monday for all users of the Netflix app for Android, The Verge writes. The feature has not yet been released for iOS, but the company is expected to start working on it in the coming months.

Play Something allows Android users to select any movie or series to watch from the navigation bar or home screen of the Netflix app. The choice is based on the preferences, viewing history and saved titles of users. Users can also choose to prioritize series that they have not yet finished watching. It is also possible to make another movie or series appear by pressing a ‘play something else’ button.

At the same time, according to The Verge, Netflix is ​​beginning to roll out its Fast Laughs tool for Android users in select countries, including the US, Australia, Ireland and the UK. That’s a TikTok-like feature that allows users to watch highlight reels of funny clips from Netflix movies and series. The company will also begin testing its Downloads for You feature on iOS in the coming month. This allows the app to automatically download movies and series so that they can be viewed offline. The download choice is also based on users’ viewing history.

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