Nacon to make Xbox controllers with Microsoft license

France’s Nacon has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft that will allow it to release official Xbox accessories. The manufacturer has been making PlayStation controllers licensed from Sony for years.

Nacon hasn’t announced any new products yet, but says it will make official accessories for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, based on the Microsoft license. The company also reports that it has sold more than three million PlayStation 4 controllers.

Nacon already has a license from Sony to release PlayStation 4 controllers. The company has several alternatives to Sony controllers in its range. For example, there is a model with an asymmetrical design and the layout of the Xbox One controller. Nacon also makes a Pro controller for the PS4 with support from Sony.

Furthermore, Nacon says it will make accessories for smartphones related to cloud gaming. That announcement is separate from the licenses of Microsoft and Sony. Presumably it concerns controllers with holders for a smartphone.

Previously released Nacon PlayStation 4 controller with Xbox One controller layout

Earlier this week, Microsoft and 8BitDo announced a partnership when it comes to controllers for cloud gaming. 8BitDo releases the SN30 Pro, a small Android controller with smartphone clip for playing games via streaming service Project xCloud. That controller comes out for $45.

8BitDo makes this tiny Xbox controller licensed by Microsoft