Mozilla trades Firefox Sync code system for accounts

Mozilla is moving away from the code system for Firefox Sync. While a complicated system of codes that have to be entered in different browsers is currently used, the company will soon use a simpler account system.

Mozilla announced the news on its own blog. The new feature is already included in Nightly version 29 of Firefox and can be downloaded from Mozilla from this page. The Sync feature provides the ability to synchronize all user information between different installations of the browser: bookmarks, history, open tabs, passwords, options and extensions. In addition, Nightly 29 from Firefox has the new Australis interface.

Instead of transferring codes from one device to another, it is now a matter of logging in to each device with the same combination of email address and password. The Firefox accounts are now also in use with the Firefox Marketplace. The old version of Sync will continue to work, but no more devices can be added, Mozilla says on its site. When the new form of Sync will come to the Firefox Release channel is not yet known.

Old-style Firefox Sync is a system where no user information is stored on Mozilla’s servers. This is done with the account system from the Nightly, with all the associated risks.