Mozilla lets Firefox take over from Lockwise password manager on mobile

Mozilla is ending support for its Lockwise password manager for Android and iOS. The functions of this are now largely also in the Firefox browser on those platforms and it must therefore take over those responsibilities.

Mozilla has announced that Lockwise will no longer be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store from December 13 of this year. If already installed, the app will continue to work after that date, but it will no longer receive security updates from Mozilla. This is of course more important for a password manager than for other types of apps.

Firefox also has the Lockwise functions in question, but in a browser. Incidentally, in the browser it uses the Lockwise name on the desktop, but not in the mobile app, where it is simply called ‘logins and passwords’. Since this year, the browser can also enter usernames and passwords in other apps. Lockwise also offers the option to generate passwords in the desktop browser, but not in both the app and the browser on mobile. There is, however, the option to secure the password vault with biometrics. Notifications based on Have I Been Pwned are also possible, but it is unclear whether they also work on mobile or if you need the desktop browser.

Mozilla introduced Lockwise in 2018, then called Lockbox. The browser maker now offers several products and services in addition to the well-known Firefox and Thunderbird. Examples include a VPN subscription, the Pocket reading list, and Firefox Relay email alias service. Some of these products also cost the user money.