Mozilla launches paid Firefox Relay subscription for email aliases

Mozilla introduces Firefox Relay Premium, a paid subscription that allows users to create unlimited email aliases to prevent their primary address from falling into the hands of spammers, for example. The service will initially cost 1 euro per month.

Mozilla’s Firefox Relay Premium customers get a subdomain under where they can add alias email addresses with no limits. This allows users to create a different alias every time they have to enter an email address for an online account. Mozilla gives as examples and

Firefox Relay forwards the mail via the aliases to the primary mail addresses of users. The purpose of the service is that users shield their primary email addresses and only the aliases end up on any spam and other third-party lists. Mozilla promises to delete messages immediately after forwarding. A dashboard allows users to manage their aliases.

The paid offer follows a test with Firefox Relay where users can create up to five aliases for free and have attachments of up to 150kB forwarded. An add-on is also available for the service, and users can attach labels to aliases for easier management, including over synced devices.

The difference with the free service is that Relay Premium users can respond to a forwarded email within three months of receiving a message. By the way, anyone who adds a cc or bcc will make their original e-mail address visible to the recipients.