Mozilla is going to hide compact mode in Firefox instead of removing it

Mozilla has decided not to remove compact mode in Firefox, but to hide it instead. Users who have now activated the compact view can continue to use it, the browser builder says.

New users will no longer see the option in Firefox 89 and later in the interface, but can activate it in the about:config, Bugzilla says. Mozilla announced last month to remove the option altogether, but the users that were there protested against it. That’s why the browser builder has now adjusted the plan.

The option can be found in the Customize Toolbar menu, where it is an option at the bottom of the screen. According to Mozilla, that place is difficult to find and that was one of the reasons for removing the position. Mozilla has now reversed that decision. There are three display options: compact, normal and touch.

Firefox 89 is the first with an updated design. The number of notifications from the browser has been reduced and many menus and menu items have been given a new look, says the browser builder. The first Nightly test version appeared last month and Firefox 89 should appear in a stable release in mid-May.

From left to right: compact view, normal view and touch view