Motorola: recently released Moto E phones will not get Android 12

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Lenovo has published a list of Motorola smartphones that will get the Android 12 upgrade. High-end phones from last year are on it, but midrange models from 2020 do not get the upgrade. No Moto E phone will get Android 12.

The upgrade will begin in February next year, but Lenovo isn’t specifying when exactly the upgrade will begin for which phone. From the high-end phone, the razr and Edge phones all get Android 12. Before 2020, no more expensive Motorola phones came out.

Midrange telephones from 2019 such as the One Action, One Vision and One Hyper will therefore definitely lag behind Android 11. This also applies to models such as the Moto G 5G, G 5G Plus and Moto G9 and G8 phones. The most recent Moto E phones such as the E20 and E40 also remain on Android 11. They were released this fall.

Many of the models will continue to receive security updates. The roadmap is in line with promises about upgrades made by the manufacturer. According to those promises, Moto E phones will receive no upgrades, Moto G phones one and expensive models two. This makes Lenovo one of the manufacturers that promises the least long upgrades for its phones.

Motorolas getting Android 12 razr edge one Moto G
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Recent Motorolas not getting Android 12 one Moto G Moto E
2021 E20, E40
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