Motorola director leaves and becomes top executive at Dropbox

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is leaving to join Dropbox as a director. Woodside had been working for Motorola for a few years and before that had been employed by Motorola’s parent company Google for nearly a decade.

Woodside’s departure will take place before the acquisition of Motorola by the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is complete. Google and Lenovo have already announced the deal, but Lenovo won’t own Motorola until later this year.

Woodside will become Dropbox’s chief operating officer, says business newspaper The Wall Street Journal. The CEO position will remain in the hands of Dropbox founder Drew Houston. He will be responsible for pushing Dropbox’s services into the business market.

The Motorola director has made layoffs at the phone manufacturer, among other things, in which thousands of jobs were lost. He has also launched a new line, including the Moto G, with which Google has tried to put a cheap smartphone on the market.