Most Polestar 2 cars contain defective inverter

Polestar has again recalled Polestar 2 cars. Owners should have some parts of their electric car replaced at a service. This mainly concerns defective inverters.

Polestar has delivered 4,586 Polestar 2 cars with defective inverters. According to the company, this part must be replaced on most vehicles that have been delivered. This is a voluntary recall. Starting Monday, November 2, Polestar will personally notify affected customers of the steps to take.

At the same time, the company announces that the High Voltage Coolant Heater must also be replaced. This part is responsible for heating the cabin and ensures that the temperature of the high voltage battery remains optimal. A total of 3,150 Polestar 2 models have been fitted with defective HVCHs, including the vehicles produced first. Later production models do not need to be serviced for this part.

Polestar will upgrade vehicles for future over-the-air updates as part of the recall and service. This allows the company to distribute new software as soon as it is updated.

At the beginning of October, Polestar also recalled vehicles, then due to a software error related to the battery energy control module.