Number of Facebook users decreased in the US and Canada compared to the previous quarter

The number of daily and monthly active users of Facebook has declined after years of quarter-on-quarter growth in the US and Canada. In Europe, the number of daily active users has been stable for three quarters.

Every day, an average of 196 million people in the US and Canada are active on Facebook, compared to 198 million last quarter. The number of monthly active users also decreased in those countries, from 256 million to 255 million. Facebook does not expect those numbers to rise in the fourth quarter either.

In Europe, an average of 305 million people are active on Facebook every day; this has been the case for three quarters in a row. The number of monthly active users in Europe did increase, from 410 million in the second quarter to 413 million in the third quarter.

Globally, the number of daily and monthly active users grew slightly, but this growth is mainly realized in regions other than North America and Europe. Facebook has a total of 1.82 billion daily active users.

Facebook’s ad revenue increased 22 percent from the same quarter last year to $ 21.47 billion. Sales from the ‘other’ category, which includes Oculus and Portal devices, fell 7 percent to $ 249 million, but Facebook expects improvement from Oculus Quest 2 sales. The company further announced that WhatsApp users send about 100 billion messages every day.