Modmaker makes a Pokémon game in the League of Legends setting

Pokémon and League of Legends enthusiasts who have always wanted to enter the world of LoL in a Pokémon outfit can indulge themselves with a recently published Pokémon Emerald rom hack. Its development took more than two years.

A mod maker has created Valoran, the world where the characters from League of Legends come from, in the Pokémon universe. In fact, it is a League of Legends mod of the game Pokémon Emerald. It’s not an official release, so the game may be forced to be taken offline, as Nintendo previously did with the fan game Pokémon Prism.

The game is made for the PC and plays like the old series of Pokémon games released from 1996. Players must build a team of League of Legends champions to compete against Gym Leaders. You also have to fight against the evil Noxians, who come from Noxus, an empire from League of Legends.

All champions from League of Legends are playable; only the latest two champions Rakan and Xayah are not in the game. The champions must be captured and trained, with the various abilities of the individual champions also reflected in the game.

Instead of collecting badges, players have to reach ranks. Once all ranks up to and including the Challenger rank have been collected, the player will compete against four teams that have been world champions in the League of Legends esports competition. Among them are Fnatic and SK Telecom T1.