Unknown group releases Denuvo keygen for Dishonored 2

A hitherto unknown release group has released a key generator for the game Dishonored 2. This circumvents the game’s Denuvo security, because the generator generates license keys. This is the first time this has happened at Denuvo.

The group, called Steampunks, made a dramatic entrance by putting their generator online, according to TorrentFreak. Until now, there were cracks available for games that use the Austrian Denuvo security, which for a long time was considered uncrackable. The difference between these cracks and the generator is that the latter creates licenses instead of removing the security completely. Whether this approach will also work for future games with Denuvo security is not yet clear.

Reddit users report that the generator works and does not require an active internet connection. In addition, a modified exe file is not used. Interestingly, the generator is equipped with VMProtect, the same software that Denuvo uses to protect its own product, according to TorrentFreak. As a result, it is unclear whether the generator is hiding malicious code. It is mentioned on Reddit that Voksi, the hacker who published a Denuvo workaround for several games last year, claims that the release is free of malware.

The recently released game Tekken 7 was stripped of its Denuvo protection within four days. Denuvo updates for the game have since been announced. This makes the game part of a growing series of other games, of which the protection of the Austrian company turned out to be insufficient. For example, the security of the game RiME failed within seven days and the protection of Resident Evil 7 also did not last long. For a long time Denuvo was considered ‘unbreakable’. In addition, people complained that the protection measure hinders the regular use of games, for example by making it more difficult to use mods and hardware changes require reactivation.

Steampunks announcement at release, image via TF