Mock-up shows notification center in Windows Phone 8.1

A mock-up that has appeared online shows the settings for the notification center in Windows Phone 8.1. If the image is correct, there will be toggles and per-app settings for notifications in the next version of Windows Phone, among other things.

The mock-up is based on a faint image that has been identified as real by Microsoft insider and The Verge editor Tom Warren labeled. The WinSource mock-up shows, among other things, the choices for various toggles, which can presumably be added to the start screen as a live tile. Now Windows Phone users have to toggle things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data on and off in a submenu of the Settings menu.

The menu also shows the choice to set notifications per app and show them on the lock screen. That choice does not exist at the moment. Notifications in Windows Phone currently arrive as ‘toast notification’, with a bar at the top, or as text or counter on a live tile. There is no central place where users can view notifications.

Insiders warn that this is an early build from more than a month ago and that the appearance could change drastically before Windows Phone 8.1 is released. Reportedly, WP 8.1 will be released this spring, with the first phones expected to receive an update from May.