Ministry confirms that a fake CoronaCheck scanner app is in circulation

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In addition to the fake CoronaCheck app, there is now also a fake ‘Scanner for CoronaCheck’ app in circulation. This is confirmed by the Ministry of Health. This fake app marks all scanned QR codes as valid.

Entrepreneurs can use this fake scanner app to not have to send anyone away for having an invalid QR code, NOS reports. The Ministry of Health emphasizes that the use of such fraudulent apps is prohibited and that enforcers can check whether entrepreneurs are using the real app. So far, the ministry has not filed a complaint.

The makers of the counterfeit app have tried to replicate the real Scanner for CoronaCheck app as accurately as possible. For example, the app icon is the same and initials are also shown when scanning QR codes. If a valid QR code is scanned, even the actual initials are shown, according to the makers. Enforcers have to rely on the subtle differences, such as the slightly different font size and colors. It is unknown how many entrepreneurs are currently using the fake scanner app. The fake scanner can not only handle QR codes from the CoronaCheck app, but also shows a green tick next to codes that do not come from the CoronaCheck app.

The NOS previously reported a false CoronaCheck app. This app displays QR codes of others shared with the creators of the fake app. The ministry has already taken action against that app by blocking many exchanged QR codes. When scanning a valid QR code with the fake CoronaCheck app, this code is stored according to the NOS, so that it can be shared again via that app.

Update, November 15, 17:00: An earlier version of the article stated that the fake scanner can store QR codes for use with the fake CoronaCheck app. That’s not right, only the latter app can do that. The article has been adapted accordingly.

Images via the NOS

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