Microsoft’s new Xbox has ‘solved’ streaming gaming

Microsoft announced last week that they were announcing “new Xbox hardware” at Gamescom next month. A leak via Thurott now perhaps gives a hint about what that could be. At the risk that Microsoft just introduces a new controller in Cologne, it could be that it is a new Xbox. Then we are not talking about the real successor of the Xbox One (X), but about a simplified streaming console. It already surfaced in the rumor circuit under the name Scarlett.

Scarlett is a kind of combination physical console like the Xbox and a streaming device like an Nvidia Shield or my part Chromecast. The difference is apparently in the fact that there is more processor power in Microsoft’s device to control things like controlling, editing the image you see and the detection of objects. That’s a lot more than most streaming boxes do and that means Scarlett would not feel like you’re playing with a lot of delay.

Cheap device but expensive looking games

That is very relevant, because although it means that the device is slightly more expensive to produce than the average streaming box, it does quality of the level Xbox One X (and more) via the cloud can offer without consumers having to buy expensive hardware. All they need is a subscription to Microsoft’s streaming service, exactly where the money is. Hardware is not very profitable for companies like Microsoft or Sony, but the software and especially the online services are.

For the people who have not seen it all with all that streaming misery, according to the rumors, just a sequel to the Xbox One X with everything on and on, but that is just like the last console a expensive joke. New games would be released on both consoles. According to rumors, Google is already working on a streaming gaming service and Microsoft has to make sure they are Google for it. That will succeed, because according to the rumors a launch should come in 2020. That does not make it impossible for Microsoft to do a teaser or other announcement next month, because the Scarlett hardware is apparently already a lot further than the ‘real’ new console. Or they just come with a new controller, that’s possible too.