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Find festival tickets via Spotify

The festival season is in full swing. It is difficult to keep track of all the festivals that will take place. This allows you to just miss one that you would like to have. Spotify is going to help and comes with Festival Finder.

Festival Finder

Spotify collaborates with Festicket at Festival Finder. You get a list of festivals recommended for you. These festivals are selected based on what you are listening to at Spotify. Festivals all over the world that fit your taste of music are added to the list.

Spotify also helps you to score a ticket. For festivals that do not yet have tickets for sale, there is a waiting list. The trip and accommodation can also be found via Spotify.

For Festicket, this is just the beginning. This company has big plans, because with a database of more than 1000 festivals they want to become a useful platform for finding events.

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