Microsoft Sticky Notes gets compatibility with OneNote on iOS and Android

Sticky Notes from can soon be used via Android and . The for notes gets its own tab in the version of OneNote and can be synchronized with the version.

The engineering for Microsoft Sticky Notes Windows reports in a series of messages about Sticky Notes v3.0 that the app becomes part of the mobile version of Microsoft’s OneNote. In addition, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of a beta version of OneNote. The screenshot shows that Sticky Notes has its own tab.

Following the reports Laura Butler vice of Notes & Tasks at Microsoft confirmed that there is an update that synchronizes between OneNote and Sticky Notes. She reports that the is not yet fully developed, but that more details about the addition will follow.

Microsoft released Sticky Notes 3.0 8 October for and later versions. There are a number of new features. This way the notes automatically appear in a list view in which the user can search, even after closing the individual notes. In addition, it is now possible to back up the notes and synchronize the app with other Windows devices where the user is logged in on his Microsoft account.