Fortnite studio Epic Games buys developer of anticheat software

has bought the Finnish Kamu. Kamu focuses on the of anti cheat . His best-known service, Easy Anti-Cheat, is used to determine and cheating in Fortnite.

Kamu reports that the merger with offers new opportunities, such as expanding the development in Helsinki. At the same time, the message emphasizes that the continues to offer his services to external customers. “The Kamu will continue to expand its services to support all customers and their chosen engines .”

Easy Anti-Cheat is a service that helps game developers to detect and counter cheating on their game servers. This way the anti-cheat software generates a list of offending . Moderators of the server can then check this list themselves. Except in Fortnite, the service is used in Smite, Total War: Arena and Farcry 5.