Microsoft: Sony has deals with game makers to exclude Xbox from ports

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According to Microsoft, Sony has made deals with developers to exclude Xbox from certain games if the game is released on other platforms. Microsoft says this in a document in the British case regarding the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard.

Because of that deal, some games may never come out for Xbox, claims Microsoft. These are the remakes of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XVI, Silent Hill 2 and Bloodborne. “In addition to exclusive content, Sony has also entered into agreements with publishers that require the exclusion of Xbox from the set of platforms on which publishers can release those games.”

The existence of these agreements was unknown until now. No Xbox versions have been released of the games mentioned so far. The publishers never said it wasn’t possible.

Microsoft responded in the US also on the lawsuit from the government agency FTC over the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. The Xbox maker argues that the FTC should not sue Microsoft at all. Microsoft again argues that it mainly concerns the market for mobile games, in which Microsoft wants to become a major player.

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