Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2022 and .Net 6 release versions

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Microsoft has officially released Visual Studio 2022. With this version, the company is switching to 64-bit for its programming application, among other things. The tech giant also released .Net 6 and PowerShell 7.2 on Monday.

Users can download Visual Studio 2022 since Monday, November 8. It is the first time that the programming software will be available as a 64-bit app, Microsoft announced earlier. This move removes the 4GB limitation in the ‘devenv’ process and should make it easier to open, edit and debug large and complex applications without running into memory problems.

The new version of Visual Studio will also receive a new, less complicated interface with new icons, themes and a new Cascadia Code font, according to Microsoft. Visual Studio 2022 will also receive support for new C++ versions, C#10 and .Net 6. The latter also came out on Monday and should, among other things, offer better performance than the previous version. .Net 6 is also the first version to support Apple Silicon chips and also supports Arm64. It is also an lts version, which will be supported for three years.

Furthermore, Microsoft is introducing the release version of PowerShell 7.2. This version is based on .Net 6 and should include performance improvements, bug fixes and new APIs. As of version 7.2, PowerShell updates are additionally installed through Windows Update. ANSI support is also being expanded in PowerShell 7.2.

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