Microsoft makes Windows 11 preview available on Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft has started offering the Windows 11 preview through Azure Virtual Desktop. This allows users to try out the upcoming OS in a virtualized Windows installation in the cloud.

“Organizations are using it today with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server. And now we’re excited to offer Windows 11 on Azure Virtual Desktop,” writes the general manager for Azure Virtual Desktop in a blog post.

Users can choose from three different Windows 11 Enterprise Preview images. For example, Microsoft offers a Windows 11 preview with multi-session support, which allows multiple users to use a single Azure Virtual Desktop instance simultaneously.

Users can also enable Trusted Launch to use TPM 2.0 support and secure boot through Azure Virtual Desktop. Microsoft writes that certain visual effects, such as transparency, animations and rounded corners, may require an Azure VM with ‘the right GPU support’.

For example, Azure Virtual Desktop admins can provide users with a Windows 11 preview by going to the Azure Marketplace, subscribing to the Windows 11 Preview, and offering a Windows 11 VM to a user. Next, create a VM, follow the installation process and create a host pool.

Microsoft released Azure Virtual Desktop in 2019, under the name ‘Windows Virtual Desktop’